Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ScrapBoy: Desktop Client for Networking Sites [Orkut, MySpace, FaceBook]

Do you have an Orkut, Myspace and Facebook accounts but hate loggin in and out of them all the time individually through your browser???
Well its your lucky day then.. cause today i will be discussing about ScrapBoy.. Yeah.. Just as the name suggests its a 3 in 1 desktop client for networkling sites so you dont have to open your browser and type into your addressbar the addresses of the sites individually.. The best part being if gives its users a common interface to handle multiple networking sites.. You dont have to log into each separately..

Once you have logged in and have total control of ScrapBoy you can view you wallposts or scrap, check your inbox and pokes, check out your groups and events etc..

Few of ScrapBoy's features are listed below
>Ability to view your requests from new friend and view photos in a slideshow or checkwhich of your friends has an upcoming birthday..
>Can navigate directly to your own or your friend’s Facebook/orkut/MySpace page..
>Ability to view which of your friends is currently online
>Allows you to configure it to work seamlessly if behind a proxy server; with the settings in the options tab..
The only problem i noticed was that if you log-in through your browser instead of ScrapBoy, the changes made in your profile while you were using your browser will not be shown in ScrapBoy..


While on the topic of networking sites make sure you keep your PC protected for netwoking viruses.. Click on the link below to stay aware and protected..

Stay Protected

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