Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Torrent Search Engines

Torrents make our lives alot simpler when it comes to downloading stuff weather it be for entertainment or informational purposes.. And in this P2P era people often have question mark over their heads "Which is the best torrent search engine ???"
Let me make things a lil easier for you by given you the top 30 torrent search engines..

1. ISOHunt
2. Mininova
3. BTJunkie
4. Demonoid
5. The Pirate Bay
6. BiteNova
7. TorrentPortal
8. TorrentReactor
9. TorrentScan
10. TorrentMatrix
11. BitSoup
12. Torrentz
13. Torrents.to
14. Youtorrent
15. TorrentBox
16. ScrapeTorrent
17. TorrentBytes
18. TorrentRector.to
19. FullDLS
20. ShareTV.org
21. NowTorrents
22. Torrentmoon
23. Fenopy
24. USniff
25. GPirate
26. TorrentFinder
27. PizzaTorrent
28. TorrentLoop
29. TorrentKing
30. Last but not least The torrent version of the Google search engine[Not a Google product].. Toorgle

And if you are new to BitTorrents.. Let me make things a lil more easier for you.. Download the best and easiest Torrent Downloader from here..

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a June 12, 2009 at 12:41 AM  

why is nobody talking about go-torrent.com i simply love it!!!
the top of the pop !!!
best torrent search engine around, has search by movie , music, tv show, books, games, porn option…has this soooo damn coool gadget “let me type that for you” for subtitles search (must must check it out)
and not to miss torrent toolbar so you can download torrents directly from your browser..

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