Thursday, March 19, 2009

Resistance Retribution Is Out For The PSP

PSP a name every gamer is aware of.. And for those of you who dont know about it yet, its Sony Corporations handheld gaming console, the PSP stands for Play Station Portable..
In the past few years many amazing games shave been realeased for the PSP like Final Fantasy Crisis Core, God Of War Chains of Olympus, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Tekken, Burnout, Transformers, and how can we forget the gae of all games " The Prince Of Persia Trilogy ".. Although they have failed to add in Assassin's Creed and the Devil May Cry series..

In this post we will be discussing about a new Sci-Fi Shooter game: Resistance-Retribution..
Retribution's success totally goes to the control scheme.. To move you use the analog stick.. The face buttons are for aiming.. The left and right shoulder buttons to fire.. and ofcourse the D pad for miscellaneous actions.. Though aiming with four separate buttons can become a very hactic task, so to help you out of this predicament Retribution features an aim-assist window which is a bracketed targeting area in the middle of the screen.. Look at the image below..
Image courtesy gamespot

The game comes no where next to easy.. The enemies are very aggressive.. The air is mostly filled with bullets or projectiles.. There are a variety of enemies from easy to tough and then the ones who need to be shot between the eyes which can be very challenging.. And also make sure that you maneuver in a very cautious manner or you could end up dead.. You are also faced with some exciting swimming and some mech piloting which slow down the pace of the game a bit..
Image courtesy gamespot

Ratings for this game too are quite good..
IGN gives it a 9.2/10 and Gamespot gives it a 8.5/10.. Overall its quite an amazing game..

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