Thursday, March 19, 2009

Increase Browsing Speed With Opera Turbo

Do you have a slow internet connection?? Does it take ages to load a single page?? Is your connecting speed real low?? If you are facing these issues while surfing the net we have a simple solution for you.. Change you internet connection.. JUST KIDDING.. We do have a solution for you and its real simple.. Just download and install Opera Turbo.. Basically it is a server side optimization and compression technology which not only increases your browsing speed but also reduces your usage if you are on a "Pay Per Usage Plan"..

The Working Principle Of Opera Turbo:

Opera Turbo increases your browsing speed by compressing the internet traffic so it can easily flow through your connection.. And according to Opera's video explanation it can compress a size down upto 80% of the original..

Since Opera Turbo uses a new technology which is Opera Web Optimisation Proxy web sites layout & text will look exactly the same, but the only draw back being image resolution may appear a little lower due to compression.. Also Web technologies such as Ajax and Flash are supported by this browser..

Privacy Issues??

With Opera Turbo encrypted traffic does not undergo compression that is the data is not sent via the compression servers, in such cases it bypasses the traffic and lets you communicate with the
SSL site directly.. So its quite safe to safe that Opera does not store any user information..
Download [Windows]
Download [Mac OSX]
Download [Linux]

Note: If you are using a broadband you will not notice much change in speeds but if you are using a dial up connection, Opera Turbo is the best choice for you..

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