Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PS3 Finally Cracked

Now we've seen our share of fake PS3 news before and this one looks too good to be true. According to a post from, they are now on the verge of releasing the worlds first full-fledged direct boot modchip for the PS3 that is packed full of useful features including multi-region DVD and blu-ray movie playback.

Some of the features of Belzar PS3 Modchip includes:

* Works on all PS3 models
* Works on all PS3 regions (USA, JAP, PAL,)
* Direct Boot of PS3 original, import, and backup (copied) games
* Direct Boot of PS2 original, import, and backup (copied) games
* Supports multi-region Blueray Movie Playback
* Supports multi-region DVD Movie Playback
* No config disc needed - it just works!
* Transparent stealth operation
* Integrates proven belzar Intelligent Code Modifying System
* No awkward USB interface - just insert DVD and play!
* Supportsall upto date titles
* Ultra-low power consumption; does not interfere with normal PS3 operation
* Only 12 wires to solder
* No external PC/laptop needed
* completely upgradeable firmware, via Belzars usb 2.0 interface

Furthermore, the team posted on their site that they have already sent out the second beta of Belzar PS3 Modchip to 50 beta testers for final bug testing. Well, what do you think guys? Is this real or not? Stay tuned..

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