Monday, March 23, 2009

How To Activate " Undo Send " feature in Gmail..

Many times when you are cross with someone and you have something on your mind that you really want to spit it out to the other person and you use your mail id to pass on your thoughts..
Only to realize later that you shouldn't have done so.. or may be accidentally sent your mail to the wrong recipient or made spelling mistakes while typing..
If you have been a victim of these silly lil crimes [i know i have], you might wanna try out the new feature in Gmail.. The " Undo Send " feature.. Gmail has many new features like video, smileys etc which are enabled by default its not the same with the " Undo Send " feature..
To activate this feature:
1> Login to your Gmail account..
2> Click on " Settings " and then click on " Labs "..
3> Almost towards the bottom you will find the " Undo Send " feature.. Just click on the "Enable" radio button..

4> At the bottom left of the page you will find a " Save Changes " button, click it and you are ready to use the undo feautre of Gmail..

Note: Make sure you click on the Undo button soon after your mail is sent that is if you don't want the recipient to receive it.. Its basically just a grace period offered by Gmail to its users..

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