Friday, March 20, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 Released

Microsoft Corporation made an announcement today that it will release their final version of the Internet Explorer [IE] today noon EDT.. It can be downloaded now from their official Internet Explorer 8 website which is available in 25 different language editions.. [Link given below]
This attempt from Microsoft Corporation is to get back its market share from popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Chrome..
Microsoft has taken up the challenge and added several new and improved features into its latest browser.. A few of the features are
* Private Browsing Mode
* Automatic Crash Recovery
* Cross Site Scripting [XSS]
* Smart Screen Filters
* Accelerators
* Web Slices
Most of these features are already in use by the new Firefox users into their browsers with the help of add-ons.. All these new and improved features still don't bring IE8 to the top of the list after all the performance tests.. So i guess still Mozilla Firefox will continue its reign as the best browser..
There is no information available at this point if Microsoft will add this version of the IE to Windows or will they include it as an update to their customers..

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