Thursday, February 19, 2009

Best Cheat Sheets- Firefox, Gmail, Goole, Google Reader, Internet Explorer, Linux Command, Linux Manual, Mac OSX, Thunder Bird And Windows

What is a Cheat Sheet???

According to Wikipedia "A cheat sheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference.."

How many of you go about typing " Start-> Run -> Calc " and then start to perform your mathematics on the windows calculator in spite of your browser running???
Why dont you just log on to and type in your math in the Google search bar??
Go ahead.. Try it out.. [Type in " 2+2= " and hit the enter key or click on the search button]
And there you have it..

So if you wanna know more tips and tricks to make your browsing faster and make full use of the above services keep reading..

In this post i have posted loads of cheatsheets of Firefox, Google, Thunderbird,Internet Explorer,Windows, Linux and ofcourse OSX..
Just click on the download link given below..

Firefox Cheatsheet For Windows
Firefox Cheatsheet For Mac
Gmail Cheatsheet
Google Cheatsheet
Google Reader Cheatsheet
Internet Explorer 7 Cheatsheet
Linux Command Cheatsheet
Linux Manual Guide Cheatsheet
Mac OSX Cheatsheet
Thunderbird Cheatsheet
Windows Cheatsheet

I will be uploading a few more cheatsheets later on.. So make sure you bookmark this page..

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hide / Lock Text Files In Windows

Usually people tend to store their passwords and bank account number and other sensitive information on their PC.. But its prone to hackers..

In this post you will know how easy and it is to keep sensitive information protected at all costs and also keeping into mind the portability of your sensitive data..

LockNote to replace Notepad when you want to create secure and locked text files. Using LockNote, you can protect your files with double security: AES 265-bit encryption and password protection.. How cool is that!!

Once you have installed LockNote, run the program and type in whatever you want into the text area and then go to File and choose Save As..
Pick a location and click Save and then type in a password to protect your file.

You’ll notice that the file that is saved ends with an .EXE extension, which is for executable files or applications..
The file is encrypted so even if someone gets a hold of the file, they will not be able to view the contents unless they know the password.

When you double-click on the file, you’ll be prompted for the password..

The other cool feature of LockNote is that you can convert any of your current text files create from Notepad or wherever into a secure LockNote file by simply dragging and dropping the file onto the main interface..
So if you already have a important files in text formats, there is no need to copy and paste it into LockNote, just drag and drop it into the text area..

You’ll get a message asking you if you want to convert the file into a secure file, so click Yes. Then type in a password for the file to protect it. Make sure that your passwords are long and secure so that they cannot be hacked.

Finally, the program is a stand-along executable, meaning installation is not required.. You can copy the EXE file onto your USB stick and carry it around with you anywhere..

Download LockNote

Lemme know how you liked this post.. Please post comments below..

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How To Hide Folders- The Hackers Way

In this post i'll be telling you how to hide folders the way hackers do it.. Its real simple if you follow the steps correctly..
Basically you will be hiding a file behind another application like " control panel" ..
After you have hidden a file behind the control panel, the icon of the folder changes to the control panel and when ever someone double clicks the folder, only the control panel will open and your file will NOT be visible..

1> Create a folder , put some contents in it [if you wish, try it with something unimportant first] ..
2> Rename it “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}“
without the quotes to make it look like and open up the control panel..
3> Double click on it ..
4> And there you have it.. Your file has been hidden behind the control panel and the only thing you can see is the control panel and nothing else..
5. You can view the contents using Core FTP client.. The download link is given below..

To make it look like the Internet Explorer rename it to: Internet Explorer.{FBF23B42-E3F0-101B-8488-00AA003E56F8}
And for Recycle Bin: Recycle Bin.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
For My Computer use: My Computer.{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
For My Documents use: My Documents.{ECF03A32-103D-11d2-854D-006008059367}
And for Fonts use: Fonts.{BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534}

Download Core FTP Lite

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How to Remove Ravmon Virus From PC

Is your right click menu showing Chinese scripts??

Is your " Show hidden Files and Folder " not functioning??

Is your Command Prompt, Registry Editor And Task Manager disabled??

Is your PC slogging??

Well then, am pretty sure you have been attacked by the Ravmon Virus.. And dont worry, the solution to this nasty problem is real simple and can get ride of the damn virus within a few minutes..

Just click on the link below to download the tool and remove the virus..

Download Ravmon Removal Tool

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prince Of Persia 2008 Skins

The new Prince of Persia game [2008]is awesome.. You can change the skins of the prince.. that is you can play like Altair, the Assassin from Assassin's Creed, or use the Prince from the Sands of Time and a few more..

Just type in the following codes and use them..

To play as Classic Prince and Princess:

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option. Choose the "Skin Manager" selection, then enter "52585854" as a code to unlock the Classic Prince and Princess from Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time..

To play as Altair

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option. Choose the "Skin Manager" selection, then enter "13372805" as a code to unlock Altair from Assassin's Creed at the "Skin Manager" menu..

To play as Princess Jade

Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Jade from Beyond Good And Evil at the "Skin Manager" menu..

To play as Prototype Prince and Elika

Collect all 1001 Light Seeds to unlock the Prototype Prince and Elika at the "Skin Manager" menu. Note: The final Light Seed is only collectible after completing the game..

And ofcourse if you need the walkthrough.. Just click on the following link and download it..
Prince Of Persia 2008 Walkthrough

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How To Install Fonts In Windows XP

Installing fonts is a real simple procedure.. There are 3 easy way of doing it..

Method 1:

1>Go to Start

2> Settings

3> Control Panel

4> Fonts, click on File

5> Install New Font

Navigate the browser to where your font is, select it, and then click on " OK "..

Method 2:

Simply drag-and-drop your font [extracted font files] into the " Fonts " window

[Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts]

Method 3:

You may also temporarily install fonts by double-clicking on their icon or name in Windows Explorer. This will open a preview window displaying a sample of the font. As long as this window stays open, the font will be available in most Windows programs. Really useful when just testing the fonts..

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 3 Free Fonts Sites For Windows And Mac

Imagine a world without fonts.. Woah!! It totally sucks..

This post covers my top 3 free downloadable font sites..

Fonts500 : This site is my personal favorite, in there its all about variety and very easy and good UI..
Dafont : In here most of the fonts are free, but there are exception..
1001freefonts: The name says it all.. 1001 free fonts, but i think their UI takes up a lot of space and ofcourse your precious time..

Hey, if u know of any other cool free font site.. please add a comment below and we will post it in our blog..

For information on how to install fonts click on the link below..

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

How To Make Your Own Fonts For Windows, Mac, OS X, Linux-Freeware

Love your own hand writing?? Wish you could use it for printing documents??
Why not just go ahead and make your own fonts??
If you have a printer and scanner, you are on your way to having your very own personalized font..

Youfonts is a FREE online font generator that helps you create your own open type fonts.. Just within a few minutes..
You can also optionally include your signature, can be used with Windows, Mac, OS X and of course Linux..
These fonts can be used with MS Word, Power Point etc.. The site even allows you to upload large templates[up to 4000 x 5000 pixels] with top notch results, thats high quality fonts for you, all this totally free of costs..


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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How To Download Parts Of ZIP Files-Freeware

What do you do when you need a part of a ZIP file which is about 20kb zipped into a file of 700mb???

Download the whole damn thing right, wait for hours or may be days depending on the size of the ZIP file.. I don't know about you all but i really hate that 2 the max..

Lucky for us there is a solution to this.. Its real simple and free too..
Just download the freeware given below and install it..
Its LoadScout, works with any Windows 9x OS or better, yeah that includes 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP and of course Vista..

Just give in the URL and select the file you need from the huge ZIP file and download it within seconds instead of waiting for hours and days.. This software even boasts of being able to download any part of a video or audio file and even preview it before downloading..

Now thats what i call convenience..



1> Just install and run LoadScout and hit the OpenUrl Button

2> Pasted the web address in and it change the default from FTP to HTTP [You should be able to see the files in the archive on the left pane..]

3> Click on the file you need and click on the "Extract" button.. you should get the following screen

You will also be able to get a lot of details about the file in LoadScout like what compression/program was used to create the file by clicking on the "Get Info" button on the main toolbar..

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