Thursday, January 1, 2009

FaceBook and MySpace Virus-Koobface

" Hey, I have this hilarious video of you dancing. Your face is so red. You should check it out.. " If you receive a message like the one above from either facebook or myspace, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VIEW THE VIDEO.. Its a virus, known as " koobface " , it comes via mail sent from one of your social networking site friends asking you to check out the video. Once you click on the URL, it prompts you to update your flash player before the video can be played.

The virus is cloaked in the flashplayer.exe [the flash player set-up file].

According to sources, there are two variations of this virus:
1> W32.KOOBFACE.A- affects Myspace
2> W32.KOOBFACE.B- affects Facebook

Kaspersky Labs which is an anti-virus organization working real close to facebook states: " the worms transform victim machines into zombie computers to form botnets.. " What are botnets??? They are collection of software robots or bots the run automatically and autonomously.

And according to the
McAfee Security Blog : " when "Koobface" infects your computer, it prompts a downloaded service named Security Accounts Manager (SamSs) to load when your Windows starts. SamSs then proxies all HTTP traffic, stealing results from popular search engines and hijacking them to lesser-known search sites. "


Anonymous,  September 6, 2009 at 10:30 PM  

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