Thursday, March 12, 2009

How To Add MP3 Widget Into Blog/Site

Just today i wanted to post some cool windows start up tones and wanted to embed into my blog a player which would let you preview the tone before downloading it.. Although some ringtone sites provide the script for the player i wasn't happy with them at all.. so i decided to find my own way of doing things.. and now am gonna share with you all how easy it is to put an Mp3 playing widget into your blog or site..
1> First of all hower to and register yourself there.. Its totally free of cost, so no probz there..
2> Next you gotta click on " Create Folder " -> Name your new folder -> And upload Mp3 files onto it..
3> Click On "Select " and browse and select the file you wanna upload.. And fill in the text boxes on the left [" Give it a name", " Description ", "Tag It "].. And click on Upload.. Then click on " Go To Folder " which is to the right bottom of the " Upload " Button..
4> Once you reach the folder you have uploaded your music files to.. scroll down and you should be able to see your file there..
5> Below the " Tags " of the Mp3 file you just uploaded you will see a link which reads " Mp3 Widget ".. Click it..
6> Now select a widget from the left and use the customize options on the right and to view the newly customized widget click on "Update Preview ", and make sure that you leave the autoplay option to "No" so that the MP3 doesn't start playing automatically asa you log on to the page where to will be placing your widget.. Once your are happy with your widget copy the code given on the right and paste it into your blog or site..

Voila.. you have your very own Mp3 player in your Blog/Site..

To watch a demo widget in action log on to :

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