Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Free P2P File Sharing Software- No Adware or Spywares

P2P thats short for Peer2Peer.. That means free music, movies, softwares, images available for download.. But there are loads of P2P wares available freely all over the internet and with all the goodies that P2P bring it also reduces our PCs security as most of the P2P applications come along with adware or spyware which in turn slows down and infects your PC..
Inspite of all these risks, we still use P2P, so why not opt for the best and the most safe P2P on the planet..

Ares is a P2P file sharing application which is light,efficient and safe.. I have been using it since 8yrs now and have yet to come across any problems.. Its simple interface is really good for beginners and most of all it doesn't eat up system resources unlike other P2P applications.. It also has free 24/7 technical support, international chat rooms, built in audio and video player.. All this in a 2.4MB package..

Download Ares

To increase your PC security also download the best free anti-virus available on the net.. Which i have been using since 4years: Avast..

Download Avast

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