Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prevent Mouse And Keyboard Use When PC Unattended

Many a times you are reluctant to leave your computer unattended because you don't want people snooping around your private data..
Instead of leaving your PC on hibernate mode with password protection on, which consumes a lot of system resources.. Why not just temporarily disable all your input devices??
Today we will be discussing about a tiny software which will help you most when you are away from your PC..
It is called " Block Input " and as the name states it temporarily disables all input devices till the time you have specified..

* Can personalize the Hotkey which by default is " Ctrl+Q "..
* Can change the time out settings..
* Sits in the Windows System Tray..
* Consumes approx of 4MB memory for running..
* Compatible with most versions of Windows..


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