Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Speed Up Adobe Reader With Adobe Reader Light 9.1

Despite of being the world's favorite PDF Reader.. most of its users hate Adobe's PDF reader for one reason.. The damn thing takes ages to load!!! .. The unwanted features in Adobe Reader is what makes it take so long to load and is called the " Adobe Reader Bloat "..
Although Adobe reader has one major advantage over all the light weight readers ie it renders PDF documents in the most perfect manner where as many light weight readers fail to do so..
So to solve this problem of delayed loading times a few talented developers have removed the unwanted features and packed it into one small portable package that's now called Adobe Reader Lite..
The regular Adobe Reader 9 uses 204 MB of disk space while the lite version uses only 62.67 MB..

Features of Adobe Reader Lite 9.1:
* Removed features and plugins not required by average users..
* Autorun and desktop shortcuts removed..
* Start menu shortcut converted to non-advertised..
* Removed Beyond Adobe and License Agreement popups..
* Removed all auto-update features..
* Removed AcroRd32Info.exe therefore no errors filling up the event log..
* Form filling allowed..
* Disabled the "make Adobe Reader better" dialog-box and "Create PDF using" from the toolbar..
* Cosmetic changes and removal of some other " not needed " features..


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