Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fake Google with Page Rank 4

Who created this??
This page opens up a page..

When we search for something using this fake Google, it automatically links you to Google search results.
Shockingly this page has a rank of 4 outta 10..

And when checked on whoishostingthis
, it states that its hosted by Google. Inc.
Strange right..


How To Increase Internet Speed in Windows

Not many people know that they are not able to harness the full power of their internet bandwidth. Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes like updating, error reporting etc..
Dont worry, you can have it all back , just follow the following steps:
1> Click " Start ".
2> Click " Run ".

3> In the "Run" window type " gpedit.msc " without the quotes, it opens the group policy editor.

4> Click " Local Computer Policy ".
5> Double Click " Computer Configuration ".
6> Double Click "Administrative Templates ".
7> Double Click " Network ".
8> Double Click "QOS Packet Scheduler ".

9> Double Click " Limit Reservable Bandwidth ".

Now, double click on the " reservable bandwidth " and it will say that it is not configured, but the whole truth is under the "Explain Tab" ie "By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default."
So what you have to do is enable reservable bandwidth and set it to ZERO.

10> Click " OK "
Now your system will reserve 0% for background procedures so your speed should have increased by 20%.

Note: This tweak works only for windows xp sp2 professional and windows 2000 professional.It does not work on windows xp sp2 home edition.


How To Make Windows Start Up Faster

1> Click " Start ".

2> Click " Run ".
3> Type "msconfig" without quotes of course..

4> On the Startup tab click " Disable All " and on the Services tab check the " Hide All Microsoft Service box " and then click Disable All.

5> Restart Windows XP and it will restart with only the system services and applications running resulting in a very fast logon / startup.

6> An also once the system restarts you will see a small pop up window. Thats the system Configuration Utility window.

Note: This trick will load only the system startup services and applications so if you have anything you want to run in the background like an anti virus or some other application like a pc suite do not disable that item.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Giant Curved Monitor-Alienware

All gaming fanatics would have heard about the Alienware range of Laptops and Desktops.

And if you havent heard about them log on to Alienware's laptops and desktops are known fro their eye catching design and performance and ofcourse innovative technology.
Just last month they launched an ultimate gaming monitor that will leave your friends drooling over it if you own one in the near future.
Its a huge monitor.. thats just not what makes it spectacular, what makes it stand outta the crowd is its screen shape.. Thats right, its curved, known as the giant curved monitor.
This curved monitor is convex hence it fills the entire of the gamer's peripheral vision.
now who wouldn't want this????


Google Android Apps

With the launch of the T-Mobile G1 is the Google Android Market

What is Google Android Market???
Well, its a mobile application store for Android powered devices.

The store will be based on a open market concept. Anyone and everyone can put there applications online with no middleman, unlike the Apple App Store- where applications must actually be approved by Apple.

Android Market will literally be a “market” where developers can directly offer their products to Android users. There has not yet been talk surrounding prices for apps and whether apps can be sold. At this point, apps will all be free until the end of the year.


How To Be Invisible In Gtalk

Yahoo always had it better than Gtalk when it came to being "invisible" during chats..
So you love Gtalk and really need to avoid someone at the same time chat with another???
Well.. The solution is real simple..
download and install Google Talk Labs Edition
Although you still cant sign in as invisible, but it does have an option to set yourself invisible once you are logged in.
Just click on the down arrow, right below your user name on the top left and select invisible.

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