Thursday, March 26, 2009

How To Disable Autorun Feature In Windows Vista

The " Autorun " feature in Windows can be a great nuisance for those who prefer to have total control of their PC.. So for those of you who like to keep things under their control and don't like wasting their system resources on unwanted functions like autorun etc can just follow this simple tutorial..

1> Goto the control panel and open it..
2> Under the " Hardware and Sound Menu " click on " Play CDs or Other Media Automatically "..

3> Now you have to disable the first option that appears in the pop-up window which reads " Use Autoplay For All Media And Devices"..

Choosing this option will disable the Autorun feature on all devices including USBs, CDs and DVDs..
And for those of you who would like to have ultimate control over your OS.. you can click on the drop down menu on the right side of each option and set it according your your liking..

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