Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Send Nokia Picture Messages From Sony Ericsson via SMS

Anyone who has owned a Nokia and then owned a Sony Ericsson knows that it is impossible to send black and white picture messages from Sony Ericsson phones unless they are already in your inbox..

I have searched all over the net and haven't succeeded in finding a solution to this petite problem.. But with a lot of googling and loadsa trial and errors, i have finally suceeded in sending Nokia b/w picture messages from Sony Ericsson phones without it already being in the inbox.. Its real simple and takes only bout 3-5mins to send the message..

Lets being with the tutorial..

First of all you need two things..
1> A b/w picture message like the one below..

2> The software to convert your Nokia b/w picture messages into Sony Ericsson acceptable format.. [Download link is given at the bottom of this post..]

Second, open the b/w picture message with " Windows picture and fax viewer " and click on the button shown in the red square..

This will open the image in MS paint, you can also open the b/w picture message in MS paint directly.. Aftre the image has opened up in MS paint:
1> Click on " File "..
2> From the drop down list click on "Save As " and select the first option ie " Monochrome Bitmap " and save it onto your desktop[for easy access ofcourse]..

Now we will be converting this .bmp to .wbmp using the software given at the bottom of this post, which you should already have in your PC if you are following this post correctly..
1> Just run the software and open the image..
2> After you have do so, just click on the " Save as .wbmp " button onto the desktop.. Th image should have the extension " .wbmp "..

Now connect your phone to the PC and open the follwing folders..
1> W810i [My phones name, your might be different]
2> Memory Stick
4> Media Files
5> Image, now just copy-paste the .wbmp image you just converted into this folder..

And to send this b/w picture message via SMS you have to:
1> Write New-> Text Message..
2> Select the more options using the right softkey and secelt " Add Item "..
3> In the " Add Item " menu select " Picture (Other) " and you will see your b/w picture message there. Just select it and voila..


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