Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Automatically Delete Windows Temporary Files

Everytime you use your PC windows creates a temporary which is used during the process but still remains in the " Temp " folder even after its needed no more.. Accumulation of temporary files over a period of time can create alot of junk on your PC there by slowing down your system..
Its a good practice to delete your temporary files every once a week but many of us just forget to do so..
So why not have windows automatically do it for you? Here are the steps to be followed make windows delete your temporary files for you..

1> Click on the " Start " button and then click on " Run "..
2> In the "Run" window type " gpedit.msc "..
3> Next select Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services -> and finally " Temporary Folder "
4> Once after you have double clicked and come to the contents of the "Temporary Folder" right click on " Do Not Delete Temporary Folder Upon Exit " and go to properties and select the " Enable " radio button.. And click "OK"..

There.. you are done.. now whenever windows puts a file int hat folder.. It will automatically get deleted once windows is done with it..
Note: gpedit.msc is only available with Windows XP

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