Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Create A VHD [Virtual Hard Disk] In Windows 7

In Windows 7 creating a virtual hard disk is a snap.. And you don not need any third party application to do it.. Making it safer too..
Just follow the procedure below..

1. Type in " diskmgmt.msc " in the start menu search field and hit " Enter " to open up the " Disk Management " window.. Alternatively.. you can right-click on " Computer " icon on the desktop.. select " Manage ".. In the " Computer Management " windo.., click on Disk Management link open the program..
2. In the " Disk Management " Window.. Go to " Action " and select " Create VD " option from the drop down menu..

3. For the next step.. Select a " drive/folder " location to create a new VHD file..
4. Next.. Enter the size of your VHD and make sure that you have enough free space on your HDD drive before entering the VHD size..
5. Now you have the choice to choose between two VHD formats:
a>Dynamically Expanding..
b>Fixed Size (recommended)..

image courtesy:
6. Click on the create button to start the process.. You will see a new VHD file..

Note: In the Dynamically Expanding format.. the size of the VHD expands to a fixed maximum size as data is saved to it.. However, the disk size doesn’t compact automatically when data is deleted.. As the name suggests.. The Fixed Size VHD format uses a fixed amount of space regardless of the amount of the data stored in it..


Google Chrome 2 Released- Free Download

Google Chrome 2 is finally out of Beta and is now available for download.. GC contains some new features like removing most visited sites, form autofill, full screen mode etc..
It also comes with a newer version of the web-kit, over 300 bug fixes, improved speed, new network stack etc etc.. Additionally its now available in 50 languages..

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Download Google Chrome


How To Speed Up Windows 7/ Vista Boot

Windows 7 has become quite a hype lately and it claims to be faster than Vista.. And it is.. Just a lil bit though.. But personally am not content with just a lil bit if i can have the option of going all the way.. And neither should you be.. Go through the tutorial below and find out how you too can speed up your Windows 7 [or Vista]PC..

On a Core 2Duo 2.2Ghz System with 1GB of RAM it took about 15-17 seconds while Vista took just over 20 secs..

1. Type " msconfig " [without the quotes ofcourse] in the Windows 7 start menu search box and hit the " Enter " key..
2. Click Continue if you get a UAC prompt by default.. But if you are using Windows 7 you will not get a UAC prompt..
3. Navigate to the " Boot " and click on the " Advanced Options " button..

4. Put a check in the box named " Number Of Processors " and from the drop down list select the number of processors.. In my case its 2..

5. Click " OK " and restart to see the difference..

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Note: This tip is mainly for PC running with multi-core processors.. Microsoft also mentioned the importance of this tweak in their KB959233 article recently. So make sure that you tweak your PC asap..


Friday, May 15, 2009

Check Wether Your PC/ Computer/ Processor Can Run Windows 7 XP Mode

Windows 7 has a cool new feature which gives Vista a kick on its rear.. The Windows 7 XP Mode.. ie users can run XP applications which are widely available all over the internet in Windows 7 running under the Xp Mode.. But the main issue seems to be that your processor has to have chip-level virtualization from either Intel or AMD..

Find out if your System can run Windows 7 XP Mode:
For Intel Processor Identification Utility
For AMD Virtulisation Utility Check

Screenshot for Intel based systems:

For AMD you will have to download a small file and run it..


Windows 7 XP Mode: Run XP Applications In Windows

The once-secretive project of Microsoft was the XP Mode on the Windows 7 OS.. Microsoft intends on using a virtual PC technology to run Windows XP applications on the Windows 7..
Although the " Xp Mode " requires a more beefier system it is a cool new feature which is not available with the Vista OS..
The XP mode consists of two things, the Windows Virtual PC engine and a licensed copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3 as a packaged virtual machine.. Although neither piece will be included in the Windows 7 box but XP Mode will be a free download for those who have a license to Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, or Windows 7 Ultimate..

The minimum specs required for running the Windows 7 XP mode are:
* 2GB System RAM..
* A CPU that supports Chip Level Virtulization..
* 16GB Of Free Disk Space[To install Windows 7 of course]..

Its quite simple to run and use the XP Mode.. After the setup process.. the Windows XP virtual machine runs in the background so users don't have to manage multiple desktops.. Users also have to note that XP Mode isn't a security solution.. To protect their systems, users will need antivirus software running both on their Windows 7 desktop as well as a copy running inside their Windows XP virtual machine.. And hence the 2GB RAM requirement..

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 7
Check Weather Your Chip Set Can Run Windows 7 Xp Mode

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Xbox Shoes: Cant Play Games

If you have got $2500 to waste on something exclusive.. make sure you get one of these amazing but totally gamer shoes.. For that price tag you could easily buy 20 Xbox 360s.. And the Xbox logo glows in the dark too..
According to the Ebay Auction Page:
" These are an exclusive pair…only one of its kind.. Patent leather back with embedded fiber optic wiring in the shape of the XBOX logo.. Battery placement is in the tongue as well as on and off switch that has 2 settings: Strobe or Constant light functions.. Gradient lime swoosh faded to black. The toe is painted in a surreal Tiger Camouflage with accents of lime and bright green. These are a men’s size 11.. "

Check out the images below:

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Windows 7: Whats New, Whats Hot And Whats Not

Windows 7 is all over the internet lately.. After releasing the Windows 7 RC1, it seems to be very fast and reliable even though its under testing.. In a glace it looks quite like Windows Vista but of course Windows 7 has loads of more features than Windows Vista.. The most prominent features of Windows 7 are..

1. Setup

The windows 7 Setup is mostly same as that of Vista like same interface,wizard,options etc.. Everything is the same except the boot screen and the background.. Which is much much better than that of Windows Vista.. And the bootscreen has a glassy scrollbar which is real cool.. Check it out..

2. Explorer
Windows Explorer has been modified for good.. A new command bar.. New left-side pane containing Libraries.. new Details Pane, a few more options in "View" menu like Content and at last re-sizable Searchbar.. Also the "Group By " arrow has been shifted from the left to the right..

3. New Control Panel

In Vista you were not able to save the view settings from within the control panel, but in Windows 7 you can..

The left side uses up a lot less space and automatically re-sizes itself whenever any item is opened in the Control Panel Window.. You can also switch between small and large icons by just right clicking in the blank space in the control panel..

4. Desktop and Context Menu

The Desktop Context Menu has 3 More options than it had in Windows Vista:
* Share With
* Display
* Gadgets
Checkout the screenshot

" Share with" with is used for new Home Groups, " Display Settings " directly launches the Graphics card Properties tab and " Gadgets " launches the Sidebar Gadget list..

5. System Tray

Icons in the system tray get highlighted when you hover the mouse over them.. And the empty space at the right end of the taskbar is the shortcut for " Show desktop ".. It comes in very handy..

6. New Taskbar Options
Now you can change the Taskbar location directly from the drop-down box.. The Classic Start Menu has been removed..

7. Ms Paint And Wordpad

Just the Ribbon interface implementation in Paint and Wordpad applications.. Nething much actually.. Check out the screenshots below..

MS Paint

MS Wordpad

8. Security: Windows Defender and New And improved Firewall

In Windows Defender they have removed the "Windows Defender logo" from right and also changed the colors of window..
Windows 7 Defender:

Windows 7 Firewall

And the built in Firewall has been improved a lot in Windows 7.. Now its more customizable and
provides more security..

9. Calculator

The calculator has also been re-designed and has 2 new options:
* Programmer
* Statistics

10. New Options In Folder Options And Also In System Properties

The "Folder Options " has 2 new options available:
* Hide empty drives in Computer folder
* Try to search the content of unknown file types

The " System Properties " also provides 2 new features:
* Save Taskbar Thumbnail previews
* Show shadows under Windows

These are the main features of Windows 7.. It also as a few glitches and bugs and the MS corp is working on it..
Hope you liked this small review of Windows 7 ..

Windows 7 XP Mode: Run XP application In Windows 7
Check If Your Chip Set Can Run Windows 7 Xp Mode

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Monday, May 11, 2009

10 Best And Most Powerfull Twitter Tools

1. Just Tweet It

Just Tweet it was created to make it easier for existing twitter users to find tweeters of similar interests..

2. Twitterrific

Is a simple and easy to use application that lets you both read and publish “tweets” to the Twitter community website.. It has a simple user interface and is designed to take up a minimum space on your PC..

3. Less Friends

Ever wondered how many of the tweeters you follow actually follow you back?? Well, Less friends is an application that does exactly that, it helps you find out out many people you are following that never bother to follow you back for no possible reason at all..

4. Twitter Feed

A amazing and easy to use application that automatically posts your blog entries to Twitter by using tweet feed..

5. Twitter Mail

When you provide TwitterMail with your details during sign up, they give you an mail id whic you can use to post to Twitter directly from your mail box..
What happens here is when you send a mail to your twitter id, it automatically shows as a post in twitter.. Also you can receive your twitter replies as e-mails.. how cool is that!!

6. Easy Tweets

Is a bunch of tools that help online marketers leverage the power of micro blogging.. You can post,check replies, and track new followers in Twitter and switch between multiple Twitter accounts within seconds..

7. Hash Tags

#hashtags is the easiest way to track a specific topic/ event using the Twitter network..
Watch the Twitter Hash Tags Video and all your questions will be answered..

8. Hash Tweeps

Similar to Hash Tags but a lot easier to use..

9. Twit Bin

Is an amazing Firefox Extension that bring the power of Twitter right into the world's favorite browser..


Lets you share what you’re reading in your browser with your friends on Twitter via this bookmarklet.. Its quite similar to TwitThis..


Tekken 6 For The PSP Release Date / Review

After the huge success of Tekken 5, Namco is releasing Tekken 6 on 10/27/2009.. At first only the PS3 and the XBox360 versions were to be released but then later Namco decide and confirmed a release for the PSP version of the game too.. The game will have a few new charecters but the eternally famous Devil Jin will still be my favourite..
The Tekken 6 on the PSP will also have new stages for duals and ad-hoc multiplayer with "original" and "fan favorite characters," whatever that means..

Check Out A Few Screenshots And Character Images Below:

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