Sunday, March 15, 2009

How To Post More Than 140 Chrecters On Twitter

Twitter is an amazing networking service which allows you to stay in touch with the rest of the world [even if you don't know them].. But the only problem with Twitter being that whatever you post has to be within the 140 characters limit.. Which can get real annoying if you have a whole paragraph to post.. People have found out way to reduce large URLs into 20-25 characters but what if you want to post a huge paragraph..

The solution to this is real simple, just use TinyPaste.. Its a simple service which allows you to reduce a paragraph into a tiny URL.. Thats right paragraph into a URL.. It also provides you with many font options like colors, font size, underline, strikeout, bold, italics and you can also insert images and videos into it..
And the best part of all this being that it also comes as a FirefoxExtension.. They claim that it is compatible with all versions of Firefox.. So, lemme know if it works with yours..

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