Friday, March 20, 2009

Best Free Anti-Spyware

The internet is full of files that can infect your PC and if not detected on time can cause heavy damage to your data on your PC like making copies of files and filling up your HDD or just deleting all your data on the PC..

Its always better to keep yourself protected at all times as one can never know we a attack can take place.. A infected file might be a document you received from our friend via mail or a web page you visited which is obviously fake and can do some real damage to your PC.. What can you do about it?? Just download and install STOPzilla which has been given 5 Stars by the site and is also on the list of CNET's Editors Choice..

* Real Time Advanced Protection [It detects, blocks and quarantines..]
* Advanced Pop Up Blocker
* Frequent Updates which means better protection against the latest threats..
* Very Simple User Interface..


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