Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How To Enable Google Analytics For Your Adsense Account

Google Analytics is a great tool if you are into blogging, recommended to me by a friend of mine who also has an awesome blog [check recommended blogs section, the first one on the list is his].. It helps you to keep track of your blog traffic, gives you details of hits per day, week, month or year, which ever suits you better and lots more..

And if you use Adsense with your blog, have i got news for you.. Thats right you can use GoogleAnalytics with your Adsense account just like you do with your blog.. Although this feature was put out in october, many Adsense users are still waiting for thir integration message from Google..

If you are really desperate to get ones of these into your Adsense account just follow the method given below and your Adsense and GoogleAnalytics will get integrated in not more than 24hrs..
First of all fill in this Google Form with appropriate information and click submit.. After a few hours you will see a link in your Google Adsense account under the Adsense overview tab..

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