Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To Increase iPod's Battery Life/ Extend Battery Life

You own an iPod and have the feeling that the battery drains out too fast.. Many people do have such issues with the battery life of their iPods.. So let me give you a few pointers which guarantee to save battery and make your iPod play longer..

1. Backlight Timer: The backlight is one of the biggest battery drainers.. Reduce the backlight timeout and watch your battery last for a longer time than before.. To change backlight settings goto: Settings -> Backlight Timer [not available on iPod Touch/iPhone]

2. Brightness: Its real simple, lower brightness to increase battery life, the lower the better.. Just like a light bulb of 100W consumes more power than that of a 20W bulb..

3. Hold Switch: Use the hold switch of your iPod to prevent accidental input.. Hey every bit of battery life counts..

4. Pause: Pausing a track or a video uses quite a bit of memory and inturn makes the iPod use up its battery charge a lot more than a regular stop.. So unless you plan on resuming your music or video soon, DONOT chose " Pause "..

5. Equalizer: The Equalizer needs to process and play the music the go.. Which obviously helps drains the battery.. You can turn the EQ and Sound Check here: Settings -> EQ –> OFF or Settings -> Music

6. Prev/Next: Although they 2 options makes it easier for us to chose the songs which we would like to hear at the moment, a little known fact is that although there are no moving parts involved in the iPod while using " Prev. " and " Next " options, still it makes the iPod access the Hard Drive ineffciently.. [This does not qualify for the SSd based iPod and iPhones..]

7. Clicker: If you use the touch screen interface or the click wheel, you really dont need the audible feedback to confirm your actions.. Turn off the little speaker inside the iPod to reduce power consumption.. Goto: Settings -> Clicker –> Off or Settings –> General –> Sounds (iPod Touch/iPhone)

8. Compression: Even though your iPod has 4/8/16 Gigs of space make sure you use Mp3 instead of lossless AAC files.. Since the Mp3s are compressed they spin off the hard drive less and there by reduces battery usage..

9. Battery Precautions: Make sure that you have charged up your iPod to 100% before unpluggin it and NEVER over charge your iPod, both of the reduces the battery's capacity to retain power.. Even if your iPod is not in use make sure that its battery doesnt remain completely discharge for long periods of time..

10. Software Updates: Althoug usually ingnored by most of the users, Software updating is very important for your iPod, since the newer version will have less bugs and will improve battery life..

Have anymore pointers on how to save iPods battery life.. Do let us know..

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The Next Generation Of PSP: The PSP2/ PS2P/New PSP

There are rumors that Sony will be releasing its latest version of the PSP ie PSP2/ PS2P by the end of this year.. And we cant help but imagine what the new PSP would look like.. So in this post we will be posting a number of fan made PSP2/ PS2P concept art..
So which one is your favourite..

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Devil May Cry For PSP

Do you want the Devil May Cry on your PSP???
Just click on this link right below the image and sign the online petition and make Devil May Cry available for the PSP..
Check out a fan made image of the Devil May Cry4 running on the PSP..


Earlier there was a petition open for Assasins Creed on the PSP and now Ubisoft has heard their people and is now gonna release Assassins Creed for the PSP.. View the petition here..

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amazing/ Cool/ Weird Computer Mouses/ Mice

Douglas Engelbert inverted the first computer mouse prototype in the year 1963.. Since then technology has moved ahead and made our life alot easier.. Frankly i cant imagine a life without Computers/ Internet,TV, Mobiles, Microwaves, iPods etc.. The most important of them all being the Computer.. And i cant imagine how all of use would use the a computer efficiently without a mouse.. Yeah.. Sure you can but it will consume a lot more time than a mouse does..

Logitech G9

3D Navigational Mouse

Belkin Hybrid Mouse


Tablet Mouse

EZ Keypad Mouse

Car Mouse

Uber Mouse

Air Mouse

Mogo Mouse

Ring Mouse

Skype Phone Mouse

MUS2 Mouse

Sexy Mouse

LED Aircraft Mouse

Horror Mouse

Sidewinder Mic Mouse

Hope you had a cheesy time..

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Bit Defender 10 Free Edition: Secure You Every Bit

In my previous posts i have given you details and download location of the best free anti-virus ie Avast Home Edition..
Today i have another Anti-Virus which i have loved but have never been able to use it since it was never available for free.. Its the Bitdefender 10 Free Edition..
As stated in their site: " BitDefender Free Edition uses the same ICSA Labs certified scanning engines found in other BitDefender products, allowing you to enjoy basic virus protection for no cost at all.. "
* Virus Scanning and Removal: On demand scanning - Powerful scan engines ensure detection and removal of all viruses in the wild every time you need it.
* Scheduled Scanner: The Scheduler lets you plan ahead, and schedule full system/drive scans in the off hours, when you won’t be using your computer..
* Immediate Scanning: Instant scanning with just a right click you can scan your files and folders..
* Skins: Change the way your AV looks, designing new interfaces, or you can use those drawn by others..
* Quarantine: Isolating the infected files in quarantine reduces the risk of getting infected to a large extent.. You also can send these files for further analysis to BitDefender Labs..
*Reports: When you launch a scan you may or may not choose to create a report file where you can see statistics about the scan process.. How cool is that??

Minimum System Requirements:
* Pentium MMX 200 Mhz or higher processor
* Minimum 64MB of RAM Memory (128MB recommended)
* Minimum 40MB available hard disk space

* Windows 98/NT-SP6/Me/2000/XP IE 4.0(+)


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Identify The Name Of Any Song With Tunatic: Song Identifier

Have you ever had one of those days when you hear a song of some foreign language and dont know the name or cant figure it out no matter how hard you try..???

Yeah that's right.. I recently came across a software called Tunatic that can make your life a lil bit better if you are a music addict, like me.. Tunatic is a tiny software that anyone can use to identify/ find the songs by its sound.. Tunatic is only 530kb and will take up only 443kb of your disk space..
There are many ways you can work this but lemme give you the info on the easiest way to do it.. Here goes.. Just connect your computer to an external microphone and point it to the music source.. Sounds dumb?? Well this works the best for me.. You can also use your in built microphone..

An suppose you don't have a microphone:
You can plug your sound source directly to your computer [line-in].. This is actually the best way but not the easiest though as there won’t be any loss in sound quality..
After downloading and installing Tunatic you will see a small window open [First Image only] like the one below..

According to thier site, Tunatic supports any type of music except " Classical ".. Alter the song has been detected [Third Image] you will see a small arrow next to the song's name.. Click on the arrow and it will show you the link from where you can buy the songs iTunes or downlaod it as a ringtone or searc for lyrics.. The choice is yours.. Check it out below..

The only downside i noticed with Tunatic is that it does not contain any data about the track info, album arts or update the meta-tag..

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

9 Best URL Shortening Services-Make Long URLs Short

If you have been using twitter you would have already noticed that you never have enough space to type in everything you need plus the URL [cause they sure can be long at times..] so today I will be posting 9 of the best URL shortening services so that you can use the space for posting more about the topic of your choice rather than using it more for the URL.. So check them out below..

Crum.pl: A URL shortening service that actually crumples the URL into a very short URL of only about 19 characters..
TinyURL: It does what it says, makes long URLs "Tiny".. What ever size your URL may be Tiny URL will convert it to about 25 characters..
BurnURL: When you click on the BurnURL, it adds a “Sharebar” at the top of the page whichincludes convenient links to share the story on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg plus a hit counter and also you can see the overall rating from your visitors..
ABE5: This service is fully automated and offer an exceptional feature for its users.. That is you can also create secure short URLs by choosing a password and only let through people who you give the password to.. Now thats what i call short term privacy..
TubeURL: You can Email TubeURL links without wrapping or breaking them.. Make unlimited short and permanent URLs in no time at all..
SnipURL: With SnipURL you can have an free account and manage your URLs so that you can make use of the for some other time..
BudURL: A more serious service although their page doesnt look quite the same.. They have intergrated feature into their shortening service like a dashboard,BudURL list page,BudURL detail page,Cliack Stream real Time Stats etc.. You can also
* Create custom BudURL vanity aliases like budurl.com/mylink
* Edit destination URL..
* Reset click values..
* Delete BudURLs..
* Unique Visits per click..
* Download click traffic..
* See the keywords used to find your BudURL..
* Detailed analytics by source, referrer, type, browser, date, etc..
* Beautiful graphs of your traffic that will impress many..
The only down side i noticed was that their page takes a longer time to load as compared to other shortening services..
DecentURL: DecentURL is a tool to not only make long URL shorter but also to make it decent. For Eg: "http://youtube.com/watch?v=pQHX-SjgQvQ " will become " http://youtube.decenturl.com/medieval-help-desk " not exactly short but kinda does the job..
TiniURL: Is the one which has the options which can depend on the needs of the users.. For instance when you need to shorten an URL you can chose from the following options:
* Normal Tiny: Just a short URL..
* Super Tiny: Allows Reviews..
* Secure Tiny: Password Protected
* Ninja Tiny: Password and Reviews

And if you are a twitter user and are really annoyed about Twitter restricting its user to using only 140 characters you can check out the following post:
How To Post More Than 140 Charecters On Twitter

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Download Youtube Videos As AVI / MP4 / 3GP / MOV / MP3

If you have been using the internet for sometime now you must have come across the best site for sharing videos: Youtube.. Youtube is loaded with various types of videos from every topic..
And there are many sites that help you download YouTube videos to your PC for later viewing or if you want to send them to someone via mail.. but the one thing that will stop your from downloading YouTube videos to your PC is that they are in .flv format.. and you will need a .flv player to view those files which in turn you will have to download and install to view those files..

Just today i came across a amazing site : Vixy that downloads YouTube videos and converts them and can also extract the audio and convert it into mp3 for you..
It converts to the following formats:
* AVI for Windows [ DivX+Mp3]
* MOV for MAC [ MPEG4+MP3]
* MP4 for ipod/PSP [MPEG4+AAC]
* 3GP for Mobiles [ MPEG4+AAC]
* MP3 [Audio Only]

More Tricks on YouTube..
How To Watch A Part Of A YouTube Video

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How To View Part Of A Video On You Tube

YouTube is the hottest and most widely used video sharing site.. Its got millions and millions of videos on every possible topic..
However the are times where you would like to watch on the ending few seconds of a 10 minute long video.. For that you need to let the whole damn video stream in and then watch the last few seconds.. And to make matters worse imagine of you were doing that on a dial up connection.. It would take ages just for those few seconds.. So, what do you do??
The solutions is real simple.. Dont watch that video..

Of course we have a solution for this inconvenience.. And no you don't have to install any additional software or plug-ins.. To view a video from a specific time all you have to do is enter a snippet at the end of the video's URL and you will be able to load the video from the part u actually wanna watch..

What you have to do is just add " #t=NumberOfSeconds " at the end of the URL of the YouTube video you wanna watch and hit the " Enter " key.. You will now see that the marker would have moved to the timed position that you wanna watch and it will start the playing from the specified position..

For Eg: Suppose you wanna watch the last 25 seconds of a 10 minute video you will have to use the following snippet after the video's URL: #t=575s or if you want to skip the first 30seconds of the same 10 minute video you will have to use the following snippet= #t=31s..

So your Youtube Video URL should look something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHN_VzU4wjc#t=120s [This is to watch the last 20 seconds of the devil may cry 4 trailer postex on youtube, the text in blue is the actual youtube URL and the one in red is the snippet]

Want to know more tricks for Youtube?? Check out the link..
How To Download YouTube videos as AVI/MP4/3GP/MOV/Mp3

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Best Devil May Cry 4 - Trainer/Cheats

If you have been a fan of Prince Of Persia series, Assassin's Creed or Ninja Blade, like moi.. Am pretty damn sure you will love to play " The Devil May Cry " series too.. The part 4 being the best outta all of the 4 since the graphics are real cool and a large number of weapons are available for the series hero " Dante " and the new commer "Nero" has a real cool " buster arm ".. and more over a cute babe for a girl friend.. Below is the official poster for the DMC4.. Check It Out..

I know its a lil late to post this since the game was released in 2007, but hey.. better now than never aight..

The features of this trainer are:
* Unlimited Health
* 999999 Red Orbs
* Kill Timer
* Unlock All Game Modes
* 99 Gold Orbs, Holy Water and Stars
* 999999 Skill Points
* Unlock All Levels
* Massive Devil Trigger
* Enemy Confusion
* One Hit Kills
* Super Speed and Jump
* Auto Open Portal
* Slow Motion
* Allow Devil Trigger
* Super Power
* And of course the Dark Slayer.. All this at just a push of a button..


Prince Of Persia 2008 Walkthrough

Note: Keep the trainer running while playing the game

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