Friday, March 27, 2009

New Worm Infects Cable And DSL Modems

A new Worm called the Psyb0t or Bluepill is believed to have originated from Australia, unlike other worms, this one targets routers and DSL/Cable modems.. It is loaded with 6,000 common user names and 1,13,000 passwords which include the 2 most popular ones: Netgear and Linksys..
Since routers and modems are on 24/7 this worm has an advantage of having unlimited attempts at logging on making them the ideal target for hackers..

The good news is thatB0tnet functions appear to have been disabled and the bad news is that the worm is very hard to detect and has alredey infected more than 1,00,000 modems and still may be stealing personla information from your PC..

To stay protected, make sure that the user name and the password of your router/modem has been changed from the default to a strong username and password which should be a combination of alphabets and numbers which can get hard to crack..
So change your usernames and passwords immediately..

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aaron white,  March 27, 2009 at 1:30 AM  

thanks for the info on this new worm,will take the precautionary measures.
btw kool blog

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