Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apple Officially Launches iphone OS 3.0

Apple has just launched the iphone OS3.0 and its pumped up with many features and improvements that should have been available in in the previous versions of the iphone..
The OS3.0 claims to have more than 100 new features..

Below we will be listing the main features of the OS3.0:
* Copy n Paste Text:..
* SDK with over 1000 new API..
* Stereo Bluetooth..
* MMS[On the 3G version only] ..
* Push Notifications..
* Extended Search..
* Landscape Mode in mail, SMS and Notes..
* Record, edit and send voice memos via email or MMS..
* Send Multiple Photos At a time..
* Turn By Navigation..
* Tether Capability..
According to Apple, the public release will be sometime in summer of this year..
Need more details on the iphone?? log on to:Gizmodo

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