Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To Increase iPod's Battery Life/ Extend Battery Life

You own an iPod and have the feeling that the battery drains out too fast.. Many people do have such issues with the battery life of their iPods.. So let me give you a few pointers which guarantee to save battery and make your iPod play longer..

1. Backlight Timer: The backlight is one of the biggest battery drainers.. Reduce the backlight timeout and watch your battery last for a longer time than before.. To change backlight settings goto: Settings -> Backlight Timer [not available on iPod Touch/iPhone]

2. Brightness: Its real simple, lower brightness to increase battery life, the lower the better.. Just like a light bulb of 100W consumes more power than that of a 20W bulb..

3. Hold Switch: Use the hold switch of your iPod to prevent accidental input.. Hey every bit of battery life counts..

4. Pause: Pausing a track or a video uses quite a bit of memory and inturn makes the iPod use up its battery charge a lot more than a regular stop.. So unless you plan on resuming your music or video soon, DONOT chose " Pause "..

5. Equalizer: The Equalizer needs to process and play the music the go.. Which obviously helps drains the battery.. You can turn the EQ and Sound Check here: Settings -> EQ –> OFF or Settings -> Music

6. Prev/Next: Although they 2 options makes it easier for us to chose the songs which we would like to hear at the moment, a little known fact is that although there are no moving parts involved in the iPod while using " Prev. " and " Next " options, still it makes the iPod access the Hard Drive ineffciently.. [This does not qualify for the SSd based iPod and iPhones..]

7. Clicker: If you use the touch screen interface or the click wheel, you really dont need the audible feedback to confirm your actions.. Turn off the little speaker inside the iPod to reduce power consumption.. Goto: Settings -> Clicker –> Off or Settings –> General –> Sounds (iPod Touch/iPhone)

8. Compression: Even though your iPod has 4/8/16 Gigs of space make sure you use Mp3 instead of lossless AAC files.. Since the Mp3s are compressed they spin off the hard drive less and there by reduces battery usage..

9. Battery Precautions: Make sure that you have charged up your iPod to 100% before unpluggin it and NEVER over charge your iPod, both of the reduces the battery's capacity to retain power.. Even if your iPod is not in use make sure that its battery doesnt remain completely discharge for long periods of time..

10. Software Updates: Althoug usually ingnored by most of the users, Software updating is very important for your iPod, since the newer version will have less bugs and will improve battery life..

Have anymore pointers on how to save iPods battery life.. Do let us know..

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tiredtonto May 5, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

The ipod battery can begin exhibiting less charge after approximately 16 months. Although this battery life can be extended through proper maintenance and usage, they will all eventually need replaced. Luckily, there are many great options available via the internet.

black.marque May 5, 2009 at 12:58 PM  

Tiredtonto has a point there.. After all everythin' has a lifespan.. and as we all know nothing lasts forever.. so all we can do is take precautionary measures to delay the battery die down time..
Thanx Tiredtonto for your comment..

syarih May 26, 2009 at 2:00 PM  


Normally the battery life span up to 2 years. If you do recharge and discharge completely.
If not it probably last about a year plus.

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