Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Prevent/ Restrict Unauthorized Access Of USB Drives- Freeware

Its the most simplest and the most convenient method of transferring data from one PC to another.. But lately things have been getting quite outta hand with USB viruses, unauthorized access of your sensitive data while you are not be around etc..
And if you are looking for total control of your PC.. Look no further.. Today we have an amazing software that will block your USB ports.. The " USB Blocker " as the name specifies you have total control over who connects the USB to which port or you can either block all the ports in the network and even customize it to allow access to different computers in the network.. Cool eh!! And all this in a light weight application by Netwrix [Microsoft Gold Certified Partner]..
The interface is rather easy to use.. With a few clicks you can either lock or unlock any USB port of your choice.. Just click on the link below and download this simple application..


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