Sunday, April 19, 2009

9 Best URL Shortening Services-Make Long URLs Short

If you have been using twitter you would have already noticed that you never have enough space to type in everything you need plus the URL [cause they sure can be long at times..] so today I will be posting 9 of the best URL shortening services so that you can use the space for posting more about the topic of your choice rather than using it more for the URL.. So check them out below.. A URL shortening service that actually crumples the URL into a very short URL of only about 19 characters..
TinyURL: It does what it says, makes long URLs "Tiny".. What ever size your URL may be Tiny URL will convert it to about 25 characters..
BurnURL: When you click on the BurnURL, it adds a “Sharebar” at the top of the page whichincludes convenient links to share the story on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg plus a hit counter and also you can see the overall rating from your visitors..
ABE5: This service is fully automated and offer an exceptional feature for its users.. That is you can also create secure short URLs by choosing a password and only let through people who you give the password to.. Now thats what i call short term privacy..
TubeURL: You can Email TubeURL links without wrapping or breaking them.. Make unlimited short and permanent URLs in no time at all..
SnipURL: With SnipURL you can have an free account and manage your URLs so that you can make use of the for some other time..
BudURL: A more serious service although their page doesnt look quite the same.. They have intergrated feature into their shortening service like a dashboard,BudURL list page,BudURL detail page,Cliack Stream real Time Stats etc.. You can also
* Create custom BudURL vanity aliases like
* Edit destination URL..
* Reset click values..
* Delete BudURLs..
* Unique Visits per click..
* Download click traffic..
* See the keywords used to find your BudURL..
* Detailed analytics by source, referrer, type, browser, date, etc..
* Beautiful graphs of your traffic that will impress many..
The only down side i noticed was that their page takes a longer time to load as compared to other shortening services..
DecentURL: DecentURL is a tool to not only make long URL shorter but also to make it decent. For Eg: " " will become " " not exactly short but kinda does the job..
TiniURL: Is the one which has the options which can depend on the needs of the users.. For instance when you need to shorten an URL you can chose from the following options:
* Normal Tiny: Just a short URL..
* Super Tiny: Allows Reviews..
* Secure Tiny: Password Protected
* Ninja Tiny: Password and Reviews

And if you are a twitter user and are really annoyed about Twitter restricting its user to using only 140 characters you can check out the following post:
How To Post More Than 140 Charecters On Twitter

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