Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To Download Youtube Videos As AVI / MP4 / 3GP / MOV / MP3

If you have been using the internet for sometime now you must have come across the best site for sharing videos: Youtube.. Youtube is loaded with various types of videos from every topic..
And there are many sites that help you download YouTube videos to your PC for later viewing or if you want to send them to someone via mail.. but the one thing that will stop your from downloading YouTube videos to your PC is that they are in .flv format.. and you will need a .flv player to view those files which in turn you will have to download and install to view those files..

Just today i came across a amazing site : Vixy that downloads YouTube videos and converts them and can also extract the audio and convert it into mp3 for you..
It converts to the following formats:
* AVI for Windows [ DivX+Mp3]
* MOV for MAC [ MPEG4+MP3]
* MP4 for ipod/PSP [MPEG4+AAC]
* 3GP for Mobiles [ MPEG4+AAC]
* MP3 [Audio Only]

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