Saturday, April 11, 2009

Create Your Own E-mails With Gmail- Add Inline Images

Gmail is one of the most popular email client, Gmail is very good at listening to customer feedbacks and hence has improved very well.. Lately additions like include smileys, send text messages right from Gmail,Undo Sent Messages etc have made Gmail even more convinient to use..
Just yesterday Gmail introduces its latest festure of including inlne images.. Thats right.. instead of attaching images you can now stick a picture where your text will be.. so you can create your very own mails whioch you can forward to your relatives and mail buddies..

To activate this you need to follow the steps..
* Log-in To your Gmail account..
* Click on the " Settings " button on the top right corner..
* Click on the " Labs " button..
* Scroll down and at the end you will be able to see the " Insert Image " button and click on the " Enable " radio button to active this feature..

So whenever you need to insert an image into your mail, just click on the " Insert Image " button..

A new window wil pop up.. and you will easily be able to add images fro your PC or from any web-site..

You can even click on the image to resize or click and drag it according to your needs..

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