Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Face Gestures To Speed Up Browsing- Opera10

Lately Opera has been coming up with many new innovative ideas to make browsing a lot easier..
And the latest being with Opera 10 is " Face Observation Opera Language "..
If you have a web-cam connected to your PC or Laptop you too can make use of this innovative technology..
Face Gestures lets you perform simple browser functions like " New Tab "," Reloading ", " Homepage " etc just by changing the expression on your face.. The browser recognizes the pre-determined facial expressions and matches them to the commands within the browser source..
A few of the supported facial gestures are given below..

The video will describe it better.. just watch it..

If you are amazed with this innovative technology in Opera 10 " Face Observation Opera Language ".. aka F.O.O.L.. keep a tab on this site and we will keep you updated.. And do enjoy your Fool's Day with the F.O.O.L Technology..

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