Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Identify The Name Of Any Song With Tunatic: Song Identifier

Have you ever had one of those days when you hear a song of some foreign language and dont know the name or cant figure it out no matter how hard you try..???

Yeah that's right.. I recently came across a software called Tunatic that can make your life a lil bit better if you are a music addict, like me.. Tunatic is a tiny software that anyone can use to identify/ find the songs by its sound.. Tunatic is only 530kb and will take up only 443kb of your disk space..
There are many ways you can work this but lemme give you the info on the easiest way to do it.. Here goes.. Just connect your computer to an external microphone and point it to the music source.. Sounds dumb?? Well this works the best for me.. You can also use your in built microphone..

An suppose you don't have a microphone:
You can plug your sound source directly to your computer [line-in].. This is actually the best way but not the easiest though as there won’t be any loss in sound quality..
After downloading and installing Tunatic you will see a small window open [First Image only] like the one below..

According to thier site, Tunatic supports any type of music except " Classical ".. Alter the song has been detected [Third Image] you will see a small arrow next to the song's name.. Click on the arrow and it will show you the link from where you can buy the songs iTunes or downlaod it as a ringtone or searc for lyrics.. The choice is yours.. Check it out below..

The only downside i noticed with Tunatic is that it does not contain any data about the track info, album arts or update the meta-tag..

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