Saturday, April 25, 2009

Amazing/ Cool/ Weird Computer Mouses/ Mice

Douglas Engelbert inverted the first computer mouse prototype in the year 1963.. Since then technology has moved ahead and made our life alot easier.. Frankly i cant imagine a life without Computers/ Internet,TV, Mobiles, Microwaves, iPods etc.. The most important of them all being the Computer.. And i cant imagine how all of use would use the a computer efficiently without a mouse.. Yeah.. Sure you can but it will consume a lot more time than a mouse does..

Logitech G9

3D Navigational Mouse

Belkin Hybrid Mouse


Tablet Mouse

EZ Keypad Mouse

Car Mouse

Uber Mouse

Air Mouse

Mogo Mouse

Ring Mouse

Skype Phone Mouse

MUS2 Mouse

Sexy Mouse

LED Aircraft Mouse

Horror Mouse

Sidewinder Mic Mouse

Hope you had a cheesy time..

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