Saturday, April 18, 2009

How To View Part Of A Video On You Tube

YouTube is the hottest and most widely used video sharing site.. Its got millions and millions of videos on every possible topic..
However the are times where you would like to watch on the ending few seconds of a 10 minute long video.. For that you need to let the whole damn video stream in and then watch the last few seconds.. And to make matters worse imagine of you were doing that on a dial up connection.. It would take ages just for those few seconds.. So, what do you do??
The solutions is real simple.. Dont watch that video..

Of course we have a solution for this inconvenience.. And no you don't have to install any additional software or plug-ins.. To view a video from a specific time all you have to do is enter a snippet at the end of the video's URL and you will be able to load the video from the part u actually wanna watch..

What you have to do is just add " #t=NumberOfSeconds " at the end of the URL of the YouTube video you wanna watch and hit the " Enter " key.. You will now see that the marker would have moved to the timed position that you wanna watch and it will start the playing from the specified position..

For Eg: Suppose you wanna watch the last 25 seconds of a 10 minute video you will have to use the following snippet after the video's URL: #t=575s or if you want to skip the first 30seconds of the same 10 minute video you will have to use the following snippet= #t=31s..

So your Youtube Video URL should look something like this: [This is to watch the last 20 seconds of the devil may cry 4 trailer postex on youtube, the text in blue is the actual youtube URL and the one in red is the snippet]

Want to know more tricks for Youtube?? Check out the link..
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