Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Devil May Cry 4 - Trainer/Cheats

If you have been a fan of Prince Of Persia series, Assassin's Creed or Ninja Blade, like moi.. Am pretty damn sure you will love to play " The Devil May Cry " series too.. The part 4 being the best outta all of the 4 since the graphics are real cool and a large number of weapons are available for the series hero " Dante " and the new commer "Nero" has a real cool " buster arm ".. and more over a cute babe for a girl friend.. Below is the official poster for the DMC4.. Check It Out..

I know its a lil late to post this since the game was released in 2007, but hey.. better now than never aight..

The features of this trainer are:
* Unlimited Health
* 999999 Red Orbs
* Kill Timer
* Unlock All Game Modes
* 99 Gold Orbs, Holy Water and Stars
* 999999 Skill Points
* Unlock All Levels
* Massive Devil Trigger
* Enemy Confusion
* One Hit Kills
* Super Speed and Jump
* Auto Open Portal
* Slow Motion
* Allow Devil Trigger
* Super Power
* And of course the Dark Slayer.. All this at just a push of a button..


Prince Of Persia 2008 Walkthrough

Note: Keep the trainer running while playing the game

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