Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fast, Relaible,Secure And Free Anti-Virus: Panda Cloud Based Anti-Virus

What is a Cloud based Anti-Virus??
Cloud-Based Antivirus is a new protection model with Thin-Client Protection and real time scanning.. In layman terms this technology uses less system resources 'cause of its thin-client agent and server architecture which processes and blocks malware more efficiently than locally installed signature-based Anti-Virus applications..

* If you ave a slow machine and need the extra bit of protection, thats where Panda comes into perspective..
* Best choice for gamers.. Every bit of free memory counts when you are playing the latest games which are very demanding for system resources..
* Free to download and use..
* Uses only 17MB of Ram when its running in its full potential.. And 50Mb of HDD space..
* Supports Windows XP and Vista..
* Simple and Easy to Use interface..

Panda Scanning

* Still in Beta version in spite of 3years in development, which could have bugs or not perform as well..
* No release for Windows 7 yet.. Although they will be coming out with a Windows 7 compatible version soon.. After all Windows 7 has only released RC1..

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