Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Create A VHD [Virtual Hard Disk] In Windows 7

In Windows 7 creating a virtual hard disk is a snap.. And you don not need any third party application to do it.. Making it safer too..
Just follow the procedure below..

1. Type in " diskmgmt.msc " in the start menu search field and hit " Enter " to open up the " Disk Management " window.. Alternatively.. you can right-click on " Computer " icon on the desktop.. select " Manage ".. In the " Computer Management " windo.., click on Disk Management link open the program..
2. In the " Disk Management " Window.. Go to " Action " and select " Create VD " option from the drop down menu..

3. For the next step.. Select a " drive/folder " location to create a new VHD file..
4. Next.. Enter the size of your VHD and make sure that you have enough free space on your HDD drive before entering the VHD size..
5. Now you have the choice to choose between two VHD formats:
a>Dynamically Expanding..
b>Fixed Size (recommended)..

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6. Click on the create button to start the process.. You will see a new VHD file..

Note: In the Dynamically Expanding format.. the size of the VHD expands to a fixed maximum size as data is saved to it.. However, the disk size doesn’t compact automatically when data is deleted.. As the name suggests.. The Fixed Size VHD format uses a fixed amount of space regardless of the amount of the data stored in it..


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