Saturday, January 17, 2009

USB 3.0- The Fastest USB Till Date

Its been ages since we started hearing about it and now its finally here..
The latest version of USB, the USB 3.0.. and it's going to be ten times faster than its predecessor.. The good news is that it's backward-compatible with our old buddy, USB 2.0. You can see the two new plugs , with the one on top the standard USB 3.0 plug that will fit in current USB sockets, and the smaller one pictured underneath destined for portable devices such as cell phones and music players..

You can plug these cables into old USB devices, of course, you won't get that blazing speed unless that device's innards have the new USB 3.0 hardware inside.. Expect computers and other gadgets to be equipped with this new system very soon.. Other than faster speed, the new protocol will feature better power management, and optical cabling inside, too.. AWESOME!!!

How fast can it possibly be???

Well if you are transferring a 25GB HD movie from one place to another with USB 1.0, it takes about 9.3 hours.. And with USB 2.0, just under 14 minutes but with USB 3.0???
It takes just 70 seconds..

Now thats fast..


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