Thursday, May 14, 2009

Windows 7: Whats New, Whats Hot And Whats Not

Windows 7 is all over the internet lately.. After releasing the Windows 7 RC1, it seems to be very fast and reliable even though its under testing.. In a glace it looks quite like Windows Vista but of course Windows 7 has loads of more features than Windows Vista.. The most prominent features of Windows 7 are..

1. Setup

The windows 7 Setup is mostly same as that of Vista like same interface,wizard,options etc.. Everything is the same except the boot screen and the background.. Which is much much better than that of Windows Vista.. And the bootscreen has a glassy scrollbar which is real cool.. Check it out..

2. Explorer
Windows Explorer has been modified for good.. A new command bar.. New left-side pane containing Libraries.. new Details Pane, a few more options in "View" menu like Content and at last re-sizable Searchbar.. Also the "Group By " arrow has been shifted from the left to the right..

3. New Control Panel

In Vista you were not able to save the view settings from within the control panel, but in Windows 7 you can..

The left side uses up a lot less space and automatically re-sizes itself whenever any item is opened in the Control Panel Window.. You can also switch between small and large icons by just right clicking in the blank space in the control panel..

4. Desktop and Context Menu

The Desktop Context Menu has 3 More options than it had in Windows Vista:
* Share With
* Display
* Gadgets
Checkout the screenshot

" Share with" with is used for new Home Groups, " Display Settings " directly launches the Graphics card Properties tab and " Gadgets " launches the Sidebar Gadget list..

5. System Tray

Icons in the system tray get highlighted when you hover the mouse over them.. And the empty space at the right end of the taskbar is the shortcut for " Show desktop ".. It comes in very handy..

6. New Taskbar Options
Now you can change the Taskbar location directly from the drop-down box.. The Classic Start Menu has been removed..

7. Ms Paint And Wordpad

Just the Ribbon interface implementation in Paint and Wordpad applications.. Nething much actually.. Check out the screenshots below..

MS Paint

MS Wordpad

8. Security: Windows Defender and New And improved Firewall

In Windows Defender they have removed the "Windows Defender logo" from right and also changed the colors of window..
Windows 7 Defender:

Windows 7 Firewall

And the built in Firewall has been improved a lot in Windows 7.. Now its more customizable and
provides more security..

9. Calculator

The calculator has also been re-designed and has 2 new options:
* Programmer
* Statistics

10. New Options In Folder Options And Also In System Properties

The "Folder Options " has 2 new options available:
* Hide empty drives in Computer folder
* Try to search the content of unknown file types

The " System Properties " also provides 2 new features:
* Save Taskbar Thumbnail previews
* Show shadows under Windows

These are the main features of Windows 7.. It also as a few glitches and bugs and the MS corp is working on it..
Hope you liked this small review of Windows 7 ..

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