Friday, January 16, 2009

WI-Fi?? Not Any More-- Its Mi-Fi Now..

Yeah thats right.. Mi-Fi..

Its a portable wireless router that will deliver wireless 3G data network access to multiple users in a small area. Much the same size as a credit card, the sleek looking MiFi will let users select access to EVDO or HSPA high speed data networks..

This "cloud" of high-speed Internet connectivity that MiFi offers can be shared not only between users, but between devices such as laptops, cameras, gaming devices and multimedia players. Perfect for carpooling and relieving boredom in the back seat during that long road trip with kids - think Nintendo DS or Sony PSP - the MiFi will support up to five users simultaneously..

The MiFi has an onboard Linux processor capable of hosting software applications and additional content storage capabilities via MicroSD adn also claims to have 40 hours stand by and 4hrs of active usage..

The Mi-Fi should be available in the first quarter of 2009..


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