Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How To Speed-Up Windows XP- Indexing Tweak

If you do not do a whole lot of searches on your hard drive then I suggest turning this feature off..
Windows XP always keeps a record of all files on the hard disk, only to make your search faster..

Follow these steps:
1> Click On Start
2> Click On Control Panel
3> Click Performance And Maintenance
4> Click Administrative Tools
5>Double Click on Services
6> A new window pops up .. now scroll down and find "indexing services" and- Right click on indexing services and select properties and then from the "start-up type" drop down menu select " disable " and click "OK" and close the window[s]..

Keep in mind that there is also a downside to this and because the computer has to index all files, it will slow down normal file functions like open, close, etc..


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