Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Speed Up Windows XP-Display Tweak

Windows Xp looks real cool with all its graphics and themes. But that too has a down side, you guessed it.. Its consumes a lot of memory to look pretty..

So you want a balance between being pretty and performance??
Just follow this display optimizing tweak and watch XP perform faster..

1> Click On Start
2> Click Settings
3> Click Control Panel
4> Click System
5> Click Advanced Tab
6> In the " Performance " tab click " Settings "

or u also can,

1> Right Click on " My Computer " and select " System Properties "..
2> A System Properties will pop up. Click on the " Advanced Tab " ..
3> Under Performance click on the " Settings " button..

By default, all the lil boxes will be checked, now what you have to do is..

Uncheck all the Li'l Check Boxes except:

1> Use a background image for each folder type
2> Use common tasks in folders
3> Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop
4> Use visual styles on windows and buttons

Mostly these should be the last four in the list.

Note: Please read carefully before unchecking any of the boxes.


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