Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fix Fake UPS Tracking Virus: Reboot Problem in Windows

Is your system rebooting automatically at random periods?? Chances are you have been infected by a Fake UPS virus.. This virus can get real annoying as it reboots your system at random times.. You would probably have received a mail which looks like this..

Wanna get rid of it..??.. Follow these steps:
1> When your PC reboots again, hit the F8 key right before Windows starts so you can access the boot options, and then choose Safe Mode.. For first time users, the safe mode windows looks like this [this is for Windows XP]

2> Once it starts up into Safe Mode, open the Run box from the "Windows Start Menu" and type in shell:startup to get straight to the startup folder, and then delete the file named raryp32.exe from the folder..

You should be able to reboot your machine at this point, and get back into your system. Make sure to run a full virus scan after performing the following steps..


Sunday, January 17, 2010

SPlayer: Best Light Weight Competitor For VLC

SPlayer is a free, open source media player that is lightweight, well designed, and quite powerful. It promises to play every conceivable media formatand to optimize your audio and video quality to best utilize your hardware specifications. It is light on power consumption, making it ideal for laptop/travel use, is truly portable, and offers a handful of innovative features such as on-demand automatic downloads of subtitles. Now thats cool!!
Detailed Specs
* Lightweight: low footprint, low startup and playback memory footprints, low energy consumption (perfect for laptop travel use).
* Design: a lot of attention to detail when it comes to interface design and look and feel. Splayer seems sparse and simple; on-screen controls appear only when you hover over the program dialog. They succeed in presenting a clean, minimalist interface even when the program has a lot of features on offer.
* Optimizes picture and sound quality: reduces screen noise, features algorithms that are enhance image and sound quality, optimized for multi-core SSE2 SSE3 MMX GPU etc
* Portable version available: unzip and run; includes all internal codecs that can play any media file in any environment. Look for the word "portable" on the program page to find the download link to the portable version.
* Streaming: streams any format; allows users to supply URL for media on the internet.
* Audio and video capture: to disk from device, supported.
* Other features: "subtitle matching" automatically downloads and displays subtitles, bookmark favorite media, pin as topmost window, tweak transparency, capture screenshots, automatically remove black bar (if any) for widescreen video, etc.. Could this mean competition for The KMPlayer, which I am very fond of, VLC, GOM Player, BSPlayer etc..??

Download SPlayer
Official Website


Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Install Multiple Programs With One Installer : Ninite

So you have just re-installed your Windows, now one by one you will sit right in front of your PC and download and install each and every single program one by one which will take hours.. Well Not any more..
Ninite is a revolutionary software that help you get out of such a predicament..Instead of having to sit in front of your PC and downloading your software Ninite will do it for you.. All you have to do is go to Ninte's Website and chose the programs you need to install.. Meanwhile you can go about doing something alot less boring..

Ninite is a such a clean software that it will not install any toolbars or anything else it also check if your system is 32bit or 64bit and installs the required version of the software..
Some of the softwares Ninite supports are: Firefox, Opera, Pidgin, Thunderbird, iTunes, Digsby, KMPlayer, Aimp, Paint.NET, GIMP, Irfanview, Open Office, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, Spybot, Flash [for IE and non IE], Silverlight, uTorrent, Dropbox,CCleaner, CDBurnerXP, and 7-Zip..
The only drawback i noticed was that presently Ninite only supports a limited number of programs, 66 to be precise and that all these softwares are installed in their default settings..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Intel Processor Identification Utility Helps You Know Your Processor

Intel Processor Identification Utility is a handy tool for all Windows users who have a PC running on Intel processor, which helps you know features, package, intended frequencies and actual operating frequencies of their Intel processor..

It supports the following processors:

* Core 2 processors

* Core processors

* Xeon(R) processors

* Pentium(R) dual-core processors

* Pentium 4 and later desktop processors

* Mobile Pentium M processors

* Celeron(R) dual-core processors

* Celeron processors based on the Pentium 4 and

* Pentium M processor cores

* Atom(TM) processors

Intel(R) Processor ID's Main Features:
1> The Frequency Test section of the utility provides information regarding the operating status of the selected processor..

2> The CPU Technologies section of the utility displays the Intel processor technologies and features present in the selected processor. The CPUID Data section of the utility identifies the Intel processor(s) in the system..

3> The Save feature enables the processor information to be saved into a text file..

4> The Web Update feature enables updating to the latest version of the Intel Processor Identification Utility..


How To Hide Files Easily With 1 Second Folder Encrypt

If you have a PC at home which is used by more than one user and you would like to keep some important files away from meddlers, There is an alternate method of doing this other than changing the properties of the file to "hidden".. Its always better to use a file encryption software like the one we will be reviewing today..

Thus handy lil tool prevents unauthorized users from accessing your file, its just like having a password for your file.. Once you have downloaded the file from the link given below and installed it onto your PC, run it.. On its first run the software will ask you to enter a new password.. Keep in mind this password as u will need it every time you need to unlock a file.. Be careful and chose your password wisely, as always.. Now select any specific folder that you would like to encrypt by ticking the "Encrypt" check box followed by entering "Start" button.. If at any point of time you decide to decrypt your encrypted file just repeat the steps but this time make sure you check "Decrypt" instead of "Encrypt".. Voila!!

Just keep in mind that you must close this software, if its kept running any one will have access to your encrypted files..

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