Thursday, January 14, 2010

How To Hide Files Easily With 1 Second Folder Encrypt

If you have a PC at home which is used by more than one user and you would like to keep some important files away from meddlers, There is an alternate method of doing this other than changing the properties of the file to "hidden".. Its always better to use a file encryption software like the one we will be reviewing today..

Thus handy lil tool prevents unauthorized users from accessing your file, its just like having a password for your file.. Once you have downloaded the file from the link given below and installed it onto your PC, run it.. On its first run the software will ask you to enter a new password.. Keep in mind this password as u will need it every time you need to unlock a file.. Be careful and chose your password wisely, as always.. Now select any specific folder that you would like to encrypt by ticking the "Encrypt" check box followed by entering "Start" button.. If at any point of time you decide to decrypt your encrypted file just repeat the steps but this time make sure you check "Decrypt" instead of "Encrypt".. Voila!!

Just keep in mind that you must close this software, if its kept running any one will have access to your encrypted files..


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