Thursday, January 14, 2010

Assassins Creed 2 Walkthrough Download- Complete With Trophies, Glyphs and Feather Locations

"Nothing is true; everything is permitted.." These are the words the assassins live by.. This game is the follow up to the fascinating game developed by Ubisoft in 2007; Assassin Creed.. Where you take the role of Desmond Miles the Assassin whose mission is to redeem the world of 9 men. Although the game offered amazing graphics and real world like movements the gameplay did get a lil repetitive..

Two years later Ubisoft has come out with an amazing follow up game to the Assassins Creed know as Assassins Creed II.. Here you will take the role of Ezio [the assassin shown in the image above] and have many missions to complete. This time Ubisoft has made sure the gameplay doesn't get repetitive and that there are enough and more characters in the game to keep it interesting..
If at some point of the game you feel that you need guidance, download the walkthrough and get back to gaming..


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