Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fix Fake UPS Tracking Virus: Reboot Problem in Windows

Is your system rebooting automatically at random periods?? Chances are you have been infected by a Fake UPS virus.. This virus can get real annoying as it reboots your system at random times.. You would probably have received a mail which looks like this..

Wanna get rid of it..??.. Follow these steps:
1> When your PC reboots again, hit the F8 key right before Windows starts so you can access the boot options, and then choose Safe Mode.. For first time users, the safe mode windows looks like this [this is for Windows XP]

2> Once it starts up into Safe Mode, open the Run box from the "Windows Start Menu" and type in shell:startup to get straight to the startup folder, and then delete the file named raryp32.exe from the folder..

You should be able to reboot your machine at this point, and get back into your system. Make sure to run a full virus scan after performing the following steps..

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