Monday, July 6, 2009

How To Enable Private Browsing Mode In Firefox 3.5

A few days back Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 and the new version of this amazing web browser now brings loads of new features including a Private Browsing mode..

Private Browsing mode is now a days a standard feature in all of the state-of-the-art web browsers including IE8 and Google Chrome and now even in Firefox 3.5, users can surf the web or do whatever they want without leaving any traces.. Real helpful for teenagers huh??..


  1. Download the latest version of Firefox 3.5 and install it.. [see bottom of this post]
  2. Open the Tools menu and click on 'Start Private Browsing' or use [Shift + Control + P]..
  3. A popup will ask you to confirm your decision so click on 'Start Private Browsing' again..
  4. And if you need to end the session, simply go to Tools menu and click on 'End Private Browsing'.. And thats it..

When Private Browsing mode in Firefox is activated, all your browsing history, cookies and data is stored temporarily and as soon as the session ends, everything is flushed so no trace is left behind..

Alternatively you can clear all the data manually but we like to keep life simple.. So what the heck.. download Firefox 3.5 now..

Download Firefox 3.5

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