Sunday, July 12, 2009

Create a "'WANTED " Poster Within 5 Secs

Ever wanted to give amazing photo effects to your pics but never found the time.. Well now have have an cool site for you to make your life simpler.. all you gotta do is chose a photo frame and the upload any of your photos and voila..
Your very own Professional photo..

To do this just log on to: Tuxpi
And select the type of frame you want and asa you hit the “Upload” button it will start processing your query.. Within seconds your poster will made available for a free download.. The part being you don't require any sign ups or registrations and lets you create your own poster as quickly as possible..

You can choose from various type of poster types including

  • Film Strip
  • Pop Art Collage
  • Photo Paper
  • Text Collage
  • Postage Stamp and a lot more

You can always change the caption of the poster and play around with the text a little bit..
So, what are you waiting for.. Try it yourself..


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