Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best JPEG To PDF Converter- Real Quick And Easy

JPEG to PDF is a free program that converts JPEG images into a PDF file [or multiple PDF files]quickly and easily.. It is a small, portable program that does not even require installation..


  • Performance: Amazingly fast.. Processed 147 JPEG’s (36 megs) into a single PDF file in 5 seconds.. WOAH!!!
  • Output settings: You can specify page size and margins, shrink oversized images, or match image size+margins of the original.. Very convenient..
  • Formats: The program's web site claims that it supports the original JPEG/JFIF format, as well as JPEG2000 (.J2K and .JP2) files..
  • Drag and drop: Select the JEPG files in Windows Explorer and drag them to the program interface..
  • Sorting the images/pages: The best way to make sure that the image files are properly ordered/sorted is to sort them Windows explorer (in the original window), as sorting a very large number of files in in JPEG to PDF isn’t very convenient.. To move an image file up or down in the list, right click and select "move up" or "move down".. Use Shift+click and CTRL+click to select multiple images within the interface..
Compatibility: Win All..



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